Keep your mind on your forest

We all know it, even if you say you don’t have this problem, you do. You try to work or you’re out to dinner with your friends, but your phone keeps distracting you. Well since social media is only getting bigger, we need to find a solution to keep your friends and your boss happy, and your grades high. How could we possibly do this, and keep our minds only on the important stuff instead of text messages or funny videos? The new app called Forest keeps your mind on your work simply by not allowing you to look at other things on your phone than your forest. Sounds interesting, huh?

How it all started
People nowadays are so busy with their phones and their online life that they tend to forget the real world just keeps going. Grades keep getting lower, your online friends replace your friends in real life and your boss keeps complaining about the work you already should have done a week ago. Amy Jeng and Shaokan Pi found a solution for this. You could download the app for the first time in the beginning of April 2014 at the App store and since then it has been downloaded for over 10.000 times.


What is Forest?
Forest is an application for smartphones that helps you to keep your hands off your phone. In this way you can concentrate on your homework or be able to just simply relax for a moment and don’t think of everyone who is texting you or posting unimportant stuff on the dozens of social network sites.

Does it really work?
Yes! It works very simple, but also very effective. You can just open the app on your phone when you are for example doing your homework. When you open the app for the first time you will get a little introduction, but after this you can get started right away. You just push the ‘plant’ button and your first tree will start to grow in the first half an hour you keep your hands off your phone. When you touch your phone within these 30 minutes the tree will die. So you better keep your eyes on your work. But the opposite will happen if you don’t touch your smartphone. Your tree will grow and the more you keep doing this the more trees will grow in your forest. It’s really fun.

So what’s next?
If we all do this we might become to see how much our generation is wedged to our smartphones and other devices, and find more space for the more important moments in our life. Also is our concentration getting better from this app since you learn to focus on the work or your friends, in this way you learn how you can also live by not looking at your phone every single minute of the day. So if you have concentration problems or you keep getting to hear from your friends to keep your phone in your pocket, you should definitely try this one, and it might help you a lot.


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